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    Appropriate caloric intake

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    I'm trying to determine about how many calories are appropriate for me to eat to help determine how many carbs, fat, protein, etc. I should eat. I'm a 20-year old male, 6'2" and ~160lbs, moderately active - currently Crossfit 2-3 days per week and ~30-40 minutes of biking, walking or running on other days. Besides that I'm fairly sedentary. Somedays I eat ~2000-2200 calories, with about 60-100g of carbs and varied protein and fat for the remainder, but other days I get an urge to eat more than that (which can end up leading to a lot more food before I feel full).

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    Seems like you're doing alright. On crossfit days you might want to be eating a bit more than other days but you probably already know that.

    You can't gain muscle without putting on at least a little bit of fat, so keep that in mind. When you've reached where you want to be strength and muscle-wise, you can go back and focus on dialing things like diet in a bit more strictly.

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    What is your protein and fat intake?

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    2000 calories seems a little low for someone who is 6'2'' and 20 years old, but if you're energy is fine then it's probably the right amount for you.

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