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Thread: Trying to help picky GF eat healthier, but she hates all vegetables...

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    Question Trying to help picky GF eat healthier, but she hates all vegetables...

    My girlfriend seems to have a lot of physical issues that seem to be related to inflammation, mostly shoulder and knee pain, headaches, etc. I'm not trying to convert her to paleo/primal, but just trying to help with some of the symptoms I've seen her deal with. She's been taking some fish oil, which has helped, but seems even reluctant to take a multi-vitamin even though she's obviously missing out on a lot of nutrients and minerals.

    I've been trying to get her to eat more vegetables when I cook for her, but she is set on not eating anything she thinks she wont like. 90% of her diet comes from chicken/pork/steak with a side of potatoes/rice/pasta/corn. The only green thing I've seen her eat is raw celery, cucumbers, and pistachios (she actually strained the broccoli out of a gravy her mother made for us).

    Breakfast is limited to pancakes only. Hates eggs, hates bread (ok with this), hates sweet potatoes, hates fish, hates crustaceans, hates salad, etc.

    I've cooked broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kale with bacon. She has either refused to taste them, because she "knows" she doesn't like them, or eating one bite and no more. That's the diet she's always had, and she seems reluctant to change. I practically soaked some of the veggies in grass-fed butter and salt, her two favorite flavors, but she still didn't want to even try them. I have gotten her to try some new foods she had decided she doesn't like (lobster was the only thing she changed her mind on), but the veggies seem an even bigger hurdle.

    Curious to hear how other people have dealt with picky eaters like this, and what has worked for them in their efforts. For the moment, I'll be cutting up lots of raw celery and cucumbers...
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