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Thread: Trying to help picky GF eat healthier, but she hates all vegetables...

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    The girlfriend should also consider growing up. She doesn't like to eat any vegetables? ::gasp:: You mean for her to be healthier she has to do things she perhaps... Does not like? Oh dear heavens, o' lordy lord!

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    Have you ever considered that maybe your girlfriend is right and that she has a really good reason for not liking or eating vegetables?

    Maybe she is a natural born carnivore.

    Why the automatic assumption that lots of veggies=healthy?

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    I don't eat that many vegetables. When I do, they are spinach hidden in fruit smoothies, or broccoli. Broccoli is really the only vegetable I like. Wait, no, I like bell peppers. But only if they have cream cheese smeared on them, or are in a stir fry. I had them on kabobs once, but I had to dip them in something to eat them.

    I'm not unhealthy. I can get my nutrients from meats, tubars, fruits, poultry, etc. You can't force feed someone veggies. Some people don't like them. It doesn't make them unhealthy, just encourage alternate sources of nutrition. Maybe she will like broccoli? Oddly, I like broccoli, but don't care for most other veggies.
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