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Thread: Low BF% via Keto

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    Low BF% via Keto

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    Has anyone had success using keto to hit single digits? I am looking to switch things up a bit. I have used IF/Carb cycling to stay at a pretty low 10-12%. The last stretch before full blown summer season, I have used PSMF (just due to pure efficiency) to drop 2-3 pounds of fat while maintaining mass. It's too god damn boring and restrictive.

    Thoughts, anecdotes, F Off's ???
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    I've been in ketosis for extended periods and dropped a lot of fat mass when I did so. I doubt I've ever been in the single digits though. I mean even now I still have a little bit that I could stand to lose.

    I will say that it is darned effective though.

    Just be aware, until you fully adapt to running on ketones, your lifting might suffer a bit. But it comes back full force soon enough if you stick with the diet and don't get frustrated about initial strength losses. And you'll want to keep the lifting up if you plan on maintaining single digits.

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    Lifting + ketosis seems like the way to lean-out while preserves muscle. Not single digits yet but getting close, fast.

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