I'm thinking of doing a fat fast for the next 2 days to try and get my appetite under control...I have been insatiable lately and today I probably ate more than twice my usual calories....1lb of ground beef 1c tomatosauce, 6 eggs 4 tb kerrygold butter, 4 tb cream, spinach, asparagus, 2-3ozkerrygold cheese...and I'm not a big person...looking to lose last 5lbs...but I love fat...kerrygold butter, bacon and cream. I envy all those people who say they aren't hungry forget to eat etc...I am always thinking about my next meal or trying to hold off but once I start eating i am ravenous...I did a fat fast once a while ago and remember feeling freed from this raging appetite...can anyone share their experience...do you think this will help me get my appetite under control....?