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Thread: Why has eating healthy become such a challenge?

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    Follow the money. It's inexpensive to eat freshly prepared foods, but there are whole corporations and flavor scientists out there manipulating the combination of salt-fat-sugar to make the most addicting foods at a low cost to them. The high cost cones to our health as consumers. Junk food and sodas and frozen foods and snacks are a multibillion dollar industry. Bow to Monsanto.
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    Personally, I find myself having an increasing number of good choices (grass fed meats, better produce, access to things like coconut flour). There are even some restaurants (a few) that offer foods.

    I think we live in a nation with tremendous choices and you can live well if you can afford it. But I think people are so focused on needing food to be convenient that they trade off prep time for health. I think eating healthy is not much pricier than eating crap. A friend was complaining about $5 boxes of cereal. Or my neighbor's $20 McDonald's for 3 meal while I spent about the same on organic lamb burgers, sweet potato fries and asparagus that lasted for 4 meals.

    You do have to cook for yourself pretty much unless you live somewhere with amazing restaurants.
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    Since I adopted a one meal a day eating schedule, I can definitely afford super high quality foods every day

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    Food is like everything else, you get what you've paid for. You might luck out once in a while and buy something for nothing (organ meats) but overall it is the same principle for everything. There are plenty of non-essential items that once can cut out to save money on (like cable or car), but not food.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefferson1775 View Post
    I wouldn't say that organic food is marked up here, but stuff like bread, soda, chips, frozen pizzas, etc, is way too cheap. Government subsidies have made the economic incentives for food all out of whack.
    I suppose we are part of an evolution away from foodstuffs that are highly profitable but nutritionally empty, lets be the leaders! If you think about it there are many parallels between industrial processes that pollute the environment and the ones that pollute our bodies, if we are eating the foods. Both are driven by profit margins to the exclusion of other considerations.

    I continue to be impressed by the congruence of all the people involved here - whether its about primal, paleo, ancestral health, whatever the term used, the people involved all talk a lot of sense - their starting point might be nutrition but the people I've seen speaking in videos and podcasts, are coming form a very mature and a very insightful perspective on life, most of them make politicians look like squabbling children. We are in a position to give society a shot of common sense and massively improve people's lives at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Since I never had major medical issues before eating this way, and I can't see into the future, I can't really factor that into "cost benefits" of eating better quality food.

    As to the first question, IMO it's because we are a culture of money grubbers, and because we no longer distinguish between ambition and greed. The guy with the biggest bank account wins, no matter how he got it. Our current politicians, the ones who should be overseeing greed and corruption, make Nixon look like a saint.

    Our fourth estate, since converting from public service to profit center, is totally useless, so we can also thank them for garbage information in the last 30+ years.

    Put both of those together, and you get a systematic cycle of disinformation to the consumer and rampant selling of s*** called food. The media reports that low fat is good. The govt lets research done by the companies who profit by the results stand as real research. We, the taxpayers pay for farm subsidies. BigPharm pays the bill to get politicians who further their agenda elected. Result: a society that is clueless as to what really is healthy buying by price rather than health. Like rodents on a wheel, we're a culture eating bad food, then spending money on gyms, exercise equipment, supplements, and prescriptions to feel better.
    Right on, Joanie.

    Also, our culture is all about price. In manufacturing, the Japanese manufacturers will squeeze their suppliers for better quality. They want better quality, same price. American manufactures squeeze suppliers for cheaper prices. They care little about quality. This is why if you buy a kitchen gadget or something today, the price might seem similar to a few years ago but all the parts will be plastic and flimsy and it won't be able to handle difficult projects and will break in a short time. Works the same for food. Put less stuff in the same big box, put in more filler ingredients and less real ones. Whatever it takes because Americans care only about price. As long as we don't realize the true prices of our food we won't complain to our government like they did during Nixon's time when food prices went way up.
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    I don't think it's a challenge at all. As a general rule I just don't eat anything white... or anything made from anything white... That covers most bases but not all. Of course you have to add a bit of refinement now and then and a glass of red wine or 88% chocolate as a treat. At restaurants there's always something I can order. I've been eating this way for some seven years. It's not much of an issue.

    The only time I find it inconvenient is early weekend mornings when I am on the road on a motorcycle going someplace to teach a class. I use the bike for day trips. For longer trips I use a van tricked out for camping so I can cook. On short day trips most of the places that sell stuff early in the morning are carb shacks (McDonals et cetera.) So its jerky for breakfast or a can of sardines or the like.

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    Do they serve something called the 'big breakfast meal' in McDonalds in the states? Its a muffin, sausage, scrambled egg and hash brown. I have, in the past, asked for this without the muffin but with extra egg, and they always said yes. Although haven't been in one for about a year.

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    People in the west are lost and refuse to learn science. They don't understand things like glucose, hormones, thyroid, cellular respiration, good fats versus bad fats etc. They would rather listen to pseudo-scientific nonsense, eat fad diets, and take part in cults like paleo/primal in order to restore a feeling of superiority. You know, like you really have the 411 and know what's going on..... thanks to Facebook, which is actually quite egalitarian.

    Some of it may also have to do with Enlightenment Values (we're all created equal) and the end of racism and segregation; sociocultural change, but economic stagnation and enduring class and culture wars as a result. Then there's the media, and 1% etc who are a constant influence and nuisance with their constant obsession with staying young and skinny forever; what they say is part of "getting healthy". And also, the 1940s and 50s children who say that anyone who's in to learning and reading is an egghead (ie nerd)- a lot of why all of this happened. Even Mark himself has recently taken part in a book that declares that some foods are "better" than others- "rich" versus "poor people" foods.

    When people decide that we really are all equal and decide to crack a book and learn the truth, things might change.

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