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Thread: Hormone-Free Frozen chicken fillets (UK)

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    i find it cheaper to buy whole chickens and butcher them myself.
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I personally would eat chicken from the bone but my girlfriend is very picky and will only eat fillets. She also doesn't eat red meat or fish which is why I need lots of chicken in the house. It's good to know that they don't pump them full of hormones...

    ... but what about antibiotics? Will that be rife in the chicken from a butcher or supermarket? I don't want to render antibiotics ineffective by eating too much of it in food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureFunctionalFitness View Post
    where in Sussex are you?
    Surrey / Sussex borders, near a place called Loxwood. Some excellent butchers / farms near here! Where in Dorset are you??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadsauce View Post
    Surrey / Sussex borders, near a place called Loxwood. Some excellent butchers / farms near here! Where in Dorset are you??!!
    I know Loxwood and the surrounding area, lived in W Sussex most of my life, was in the fire brigade there for 16+ years, Horley, Worthing, Chichester, Bognor Regis.

    I went to Australia for 6 years, and now live just north of Bridport in W Dorset, about 2 mins walk from the original River Cottage house, if you ever saw that series.


    Great butchers and farming around here too, I just bought half a hogget from a friend the other day, year old lamb tastes devine!!!

    I intend to sea fish more too, and perhaps get a pellet gun for some rabbit and wood pigeon hunting, all good fun and cuts down on the food bill.


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    My boyfriend's quite picky as well, and I've lived with a few other picky eaters. They can be a complete nightmare! This might be a bit underhanded, have you tried making something like a curry with bone-in chicken and then shredding it off the bone before serving it? What she's not aware of, and all that. I've found that lots of people, myself included, can be a bit nervous about trying what to them is an 'unusual' cut of meat. Or she may have just had a bad experience with chicken with bones in when she was younger, or something like that.

    Regarding the antibiotics issue you mentioned, a good butcher should be able to tell you exactly where your chicken is coming from and what it's been raised on. They're usually really excited when people ask them questions about the meat they stock!

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    Cheap chicken/turkey almost certainly gets fed medicated feed

    (Source: non-medicated chicken feed is sold in expensive small bags aimed at the middle class housewife with three rescued battery hens in an Omlet).

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