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Thread: Self confessed cereal killer

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    Cereal is for kids. Just feel ashamed with each bite at your immaturity. Cry over it. Then move on.

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    I'm with you 100%. I never crave bread or pasta, but cereal? I could eat it for every meal.

    Here's what I've been doing as a substitute. It's more like an oatmeal than a cold cereal but it kills my cravings:

    - 1 scoop egg white protein powder (I use Jay Robb's vanilla)
    - 1 cup butternut squash
    - butter
    - coconut milk or almond milk to taste

    cook it over the stove, it's amazing

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    Presumably the 'just eat bacon and eggs' isn't working, or you wouldn't be asking.

    So, first up cut the gluten connection. Go for a GF cereal. Start with a nice sugary one if you want. Try some different ones. Eat double serves. Whatever it takes just get your body to lose the physical gluten craving - it will take at least two weeks, but allow three.

    Once you are over that hurdle, then start to introduce eggs as well as cereal, to start getting your head and body used to the idea of eating protein of a morning. Eat the eggs first or second doesn't matter.

    Then, start swapping for less exciting GF cereals. So working on the sugar addiction. And take care - rice puffs often do contain gluten and sugar, so read the label. Start 50/50 with your sugary cereal in the bowl. After a another few weeks, you may find you don't mind the occasional day with just eggs and no cereal, then increase those until you reach your goal.

    You are trying to break physical addictions to sugar and gluten, as well as psychological habits, so it is reasonable to attack it bit by bit.

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