So I started my Primal journey 5 days ago at 121 pounds. It has not been an easy road. I have experienced nausea, dizzy, and heart palpitations and I am so so weak. I have not been able to run much and when I do I'm about 30 seconds slower per minute.

I found a great article on that proteinpowder .com blog where he explains I need to eat more fat and take supplements. I've got to work on the supplements but yesterday I cooked my chicken breast in butter and garlic and covered my salad in sour cream Cesar dressing - I thought I was cheating as I was licking the bowl. I ate that salad at 3pm yesterday and felt it still heavy on my stomach when I went to bed at 10pm.

This morning I woke up at 118 pounds. I'm losing a pound a day now that I'm eating what I am programmed to believe-- horribly. Is this for real? Or is this all just all initial water weight I'm losing now. I certainly feel thinner, I love it but am afraid this is some sort of joke.

Here are my ratios yesterday:
Fat- 70%
Protein- 19%
Carbs- 11%

While I love losing a pound a day, I really hope these scary side affects go away and I get my energy back.