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    Whey protein

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    I seem to have plateaued my weight .
    I am thinking of trying whey protein as a substitute for breakfast which is also low carb .Will this help?

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    If you're OK with that, try intermittent fasting, skip breakfast and sometimes lunch as well.
    Cycle through your macro-nutrients (sometimes low carb high fat, other times high carb low fat). If you're diabetic or have any intolerance of some kind, talk to someone knowledgeable.

    About the whey subs: why replace real foods with a powder ?

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    My understanding is that powdered and liquid food aren't a great idea for people trying to lean out. You can read about a mouse experiment involving powdered food here: The Calorie Paradox: Did Four Rice Chex Make America Fat? (Part II of “There Is No Such Thing As A Calorie”) - GNOLLS.ORG

    (Warning: Post contains an image of an exceptionally large person in their underwear.)

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    How long have you been on the plateau? Are you doing strength training? If you are you may simply be gaining muscle, which is heavy!! Are you losing cm still?
    Although there is a meal replacement product being advertised now, TPB really only recommends meal replacements if you are on the go.
    Hope this helps x

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    Well i guess that is a great meal replacement given any harmful content is not present in it...i think i am gonna order that..

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    I am in love with formulx whey protein.. Is 100% grass fed, it is paleo friendly and the taste is amazing!!! The quality of this product is phenomenal and you will love when you get a chance to get to know the company.. I also got 10%off using a code: fitnessbynutrition.. You can find on their website and the delivery is fast!!!

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    Thanks for the recommendation of the Formulx, I have been looking for a good protein mix to add to my smoothies when I am on-the-go and need to drink a breakfast or an after-workout drink.

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