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Thread: The Re-Labeling of "Healthy"

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    OMG, these commercials drive me bonkers. Every time I see one (and there's someone else in the room) I yell at the tv "Of course you're saying it's healthy! You're trying to SELL it! Never buy anything that claims to be healthy because it typically isn't." The thought apparently has caught on. My dad made a comment the other day "Well that can't be good for you. They just said it was." LOL!

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    Well don't you guys know that Nutri-grain bars are like super healthy! I mean Nutri (which I assume is short for nutritious and not nutria) is right in the name!

    My reality tunnel has really shifted since starting the whole primal thing - it's weird to watch ads telling me to eat things that aren't really food. I'm like "why would I want to eat that cardboard box?" Of course there is a monumental exception for those Jimmy Dean ads with the guy dressed like the sun...

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