I'm sure some, like me, are curious what the nearly-daily bacon, steaks, eggs, olive oil, avocados, etc. etc. have on the blood. My dad, for sure, was pestering me to get blood work done since he has high cholesterol. So here it is. First: I'm 49, male, 6'-1", 177lb. (yes Primal works for me!), ditched grains and sugar back in February 2012, losing about 15lb. in the process. PBF bodyweight workouts, lots of walking, and the occasional sprints as suggested...I'm pretty much a mid-life poster child for PB.

I went for a physical a few weeks ago, but I hadn't fasted, since I figured he would order the test and I would come back fasted at another time. But he said that, although fasted is ideal, for cholesterol it's more likely I'd either be obviously OK or obviously in trouble; and that if I was borderline, I could come back for a fasted test. Oh, and when I told the Dr. I was pretty much following a paleo diet, he said "what's that?" ......

So, here it is:
Total cholesterol: 190
HDL ("good"): 66
LDL ("bad"): 109
Triglyceride: 75
And that's non-fasted...not sure how much that skews results. But in any event, it's good news.

Interestingly, blood glucose non-fasted (I had a Primal Fuel shake with fruit about an hour before the test) was 88 (70-100 ref. range). All the other metabolic panel results were in the normal range, except GFR was borderline low (58.9, ideally above 60).

So I plan to Grok On.