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Thread: GI Issues while going Primal

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    Quote Originally Posted by batty View Post

    i think that taking a dump daily is a lot of CW hype. if you go a few days without pooping, and you are not experiencing any discomfort during that time, or when you do have a BM, then i would not be too worried.

    i would suggest either eating some yogurt or looking into probiotics.
    Thanks for that article!
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    Quote Originally Posted by strom View Post
    Doesn't excess fiber besides tearing up your intestines mucus lining, give a lot of food for bacteria to feast on? And this could lead to overgrowth of bacteria which could cause a lot of problems. I think lack of pain and straining are better indicators of health.

    I wonder if I should cook celery and carrots, since most vegetables i have to cook to be able to eat them. Can you cook a salad as well? or perhaps ferment it?
    You can ferment cabbage into sauerkraut. Don't buy sauerkraut from the store as the live cultures are probably murdered, the same as in milk. When making sauerkraut you can add carrot and other vegetables. I think Mark had an article on making sauerkraut.

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