Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie here!

Background: I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told by my naturopathic doctor to get on the paleo diet. She recommended that I read the Primal Blueprint and I found out about this forum through a few youtube videos. I'm slowly getting through the book and feel as though I need a crash course. In the first week of paleo eating, I lost 4 lbs and seemed to have reduced the intensity of symptoms I was experiencing such as fatigue, low energy, brain fog, depression etc. But I gained the weight back just as fast as I lost it the following week. Because of that, I've given in to some old habits (I have a big sweet tooth). Like eating rainbow cookies, cannolis, tres leches cakes, none of which are paleo. I'm 5'7 and approx. 214lbs. This is the heaviest I've ever been and much of the weight gain is due to stress and going from school to a sedentary work life.. sitting at a computer for 10-16 hours at a time.. and maybe more when big meetings are approaching.

Problem: Right now my diet consists of mostly protein and low carb (when I'm not scarfing down cakes), and moderate to low fat (not on purpose - I eat full fat anything). Right now, on myfitnesspal, I've set my daily macronutrients to 20/30/50. But I'm not even coming close to meeting my fat intake. How do you all meet that requirement?! The only thing I can think of is eating avocados all day long and dark chocolate. Please help. I was excited when I started losing weight the first week, but it all just stopped. It is very confusing and discouraging. But I want to try again. I have a big trip coming up (September) and want to look good. That's my goal. This of course is a lifestyle change esp. to manage my PCOS.. but if I can set some kind of goal. I may be better off.

If you have any additional advice, it would be greatly appreciated.