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Thread: Newbie Needs Help! Not getting enough fat :-/

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    I'm going to be the bearer of bad news:

    Cannoli, cookies, cakes. All your sweet snacks are wheat-based. You're probably addicted to the gliadin protein in wheat along with the sugar addiction.

    I suspect you're in for a difficult conversion. Plan on a two-months at least. You're probably not going to "look good" for the September camping trip. Your goal should be to FEEL better.

    Throw out the scale. Don't take measurements. Don't count calories, don't count macros. You might even gain weight. The most important job is to get away from the wheat and corn, then to get away from the sugar.

    Everything you eat should be so messy and drippy that you need a knife, or fork, or spoon. If you can pick it up with your fingers, then it's probably something processed from a box or a bag and it will just make you sicker. Your dishes should be so greasy that you need to add some vinegar to the dishwasher to get them clean. You should be STUFFED, like Thanksgiving.

    80% ground beef cooked in coconut oil.
    Frozen vegetables slathered with melted butter.
    Fatty chicken pieces like thighs and wings.
    Make chicken soup from the chicken. The broth will be so fatty that it turns to jello in the fridge.
    Pork sausages, if you can find some relatively unprocessed ones. (Jones brand might work.)
    Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. With the yolk, cooked in butter.
    Salad with olive oil.
    Bulletproof hot cocoa will increase your fat intake FAST.
    Fruit: limit yourself to berries if you can. Frozen is okay.
    Stay away from nuts. Nut fat doesn't seem to have the same magic as animal fat.
    Stay away from dairy. If you really need dairy, drink full fat heavy whipping cream. Milk and yogurt are full of sugar.
    If you're hungry between meals, eat salted butter, like Kerrygold, right from the tub. Butter is the best diet food in the world.
    If you crave sugar, use stevia in herbal tea. I like the Trader Joes powder (comes in a plastic jar the size of a spice container, with a tiny spoon. It's $10 but it lasts a year.) But packets will work.

    One very good sign is that your body seems to WANT to go into carb flu. You were starting to go into carb flu with the brain fog and depression, but you went back to carbs and it backslid. Please try again.
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    Replace your stick-free frying pan with one of the horror-show stainless steel ones. Then the amount of fat you will need for separating the food from the pan will give you a huge increase in fat intake. If all else fails, drink a couple of tbsp of fat (light olive oil or melted coconut oil) a couple of times a day, 1 hour after, 1 hr before meals and when you have those sweet cravings.
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