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    I believe! I believe!

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    So about a week ago, and after about six weeks on PB, I ran across a thread where people were discussing how their chronic pain seemed to clear up after going PB (fibromyalgia, joint pain, etc.). After reading the thread, I was astounded to realize that the chronic trigger point pain I have had in my shoulder blades for years had seemingly vanished despite the fact that I am still kickboxing and playing volleyball, both of which seem to tax those points specifically. Moreover, the near-constant joint pain in my knees, elbows and shoulders from too many years of sports were also non-existant. I was surprised I hadn't noticed the lack of pain but maybe I had just been too excited about the weight loss.

    This week I have been well more 80/20 than ever before. Most nights I have had a handful of zebra popcorn (drizzled with white and milk chocolate) and then yesterday I ate some sad emotions by way of a delicious (and huge) raspberry bar. This week I kickboxed and then last night I had 5 vball games. After waking up this morning and barely being able to move due to knee pain, I realized I had actually been aching all week. Prior to these 80/20 type days, I hadn't had any knee or shoulder pain despite kickboxing more often and playing weekly vball tournaments in 95 degree heat.

    Wow, what a revelation. Want less pain? Don't eat grains and sugars.

    I believe.
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    Yer preachin' to the choir, sistah! The people in my office decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by bringing in crap to eat. Being a team player, I did my part. How could one day hurt? I had to go home sick the next day. I haven't been sick since starting Paleo in January, but I was laid low by one day of crappy eathing. I used to feel that way ALL THE TIME but I just compensated. Now that I know what "feeling good" feels like, I wonder how I got through my life.

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    I hear you LOUD & CLEAR.... though I haven't indulged in grains, I did add some dairy back in (not a lot) - some heavy cream in my morning coffee, occasional cheese.... and I'm having joint pain. From Dairy? Really???? Though I have to admit it is MUCH better than before PB. AND I do have mechanical damage to several joints.

    PB it is, for me!

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