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Thread: This Blog makes me sad

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    This Blog makes me sad

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    Escape from Obesity

    This is basically a 5 year blog centered on this woman's weight loss attempts. Her list of weight by month gave me a case of the sad. Typical yoyo. Escape from Obesity: Weight By Month The latest blog post talks about abandoning her 800-1000 calorie a day plan to move to 1100 to 1300.

    It sounds like she does Medifast.

    But I don't know, for all the people that smugly talk about CICO, and how easy weight loss is if you just "stop soda and fast foods".... this woman's struggle is a good read about what so many of us went thru before stumbling onto primal. It's like she is stuck in this cycle of 40lbs.
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    I've known a few people who definitely decide that food = enemy. Once that switch is flipped they view every morsel as a setback and don't consider nourishment at all. Then it's basically a 50/50 timeshare between (low-nutrient) draconian deprivation and (low-nutrient) pornographic junk feast, never realizing the former is causing the latter.

    I can't address the self-esteem angle but I'm thankful every day for the profound calm I get from proactively capturing the right nutrients.

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    never heard of medifast so I went and looked it up. A very expensive way to not have a hope in hell of loosing weight. Its like an expensive, even less healthy way, of following the diabetic plan i was on. I gained 100lbs eating it over a few years!

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    Yeah, it's not as easy as it ought to be to get as thin as some people think we should be. The good news is that many women find their way to paleo/primal after everything else fails.
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