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Thread: What is wrong with me?

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    What is wrong with me?

    I eat dinner usually between 5-7 and sleep at around 10-11. After I eat I feel all energetic, normal, like a mini adrenaline surges through me. This lasts for a few hours... so for example I'd eat at 5, by 8 I'd just slump, feel tired, irritable and HUNGRY again. I hate it, it ruins my evenings. It's like a feeling of slight disorientation, like a crash. I let it pass and go to sleep. These meals are usually moderate protein, 10-15g of carbs from vegetables and some fat. A typical Primal meal, so I'm sure I don't get an insulin spike.

    The worst feeling is the mornings, I struggle to get out of bed (as soon as I get up I get this dizzy, shaky reaction) and the shitty feeling continues until I eat breakfast or some carbs. It literally feels like I'm gorging on pasta and bread with the huge insulin spikes I use to experience. I don't consume any fruits or sugar, some sweeteners and dairy. These daily episodes make me feel like I'm on a constant mood and energy swing, which I thought Primal eliminated the energy crashes, hunger and provided 'long lasting' energy.

    Are my blood sugars too low? Reactive hypoglycaemia? I'm not a diabetic or overweight. I use to experience this pre-LC and thought limiting carbohydrates would eliminate this. I'm tired of constantly trying finding new strategies to tweak my diet, I just wanna eat, enjoy my food and feel normal. I don't want my days to revolve around my meals or for me to feel constantly consumed by food, I've suffered with that too much on low fat, high carb.

    To shake off the crash I sometimes go for an evening sprint before I sleep, and, surprisingly, my energy levels get back to normal and the disorientation magically disappears, it feels like a breeze. Sometimes this is just inconvenient and I wanna relax after a meal!

    Any one else experience anything similar?
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