ANOTHER Steak and Eggs thread?! Sure, why not. All the cool kids are doing it.

Started S&E on Saturday, May 11th, 2013. I weighed 198 lbs.

As of today, Friday, May 17, 2013, I weigh 192.4 lbs. 5.6 lbs. lost in a week.

I'm not sure of my body fat % - my bathroom scale hasn't been reading my BF% for the last week. Kind of irritating. I know these scales aren't 100% accurate, but at least it gives me a ballpark reading. If I have to estimate, I'd say I'm around 21-23%. Still have some flab around my abdomen, which I'm sure will hang on to the bitter end. I've noticed some fat loss around my upper body, which is nice. I just want the damn belly fat to go away for good.

My S&E plan, for anybody who was wondering, is the following:

Food - Grass-fed beef, bison, venison, or elk, eggs from pastured chickens. The only condiment I allow besides salt and pepper is hot sauce. I use either Cholula hot sauce, or sriracha. I drink only water.

Exercise - Weightlifting, 2 workouts - "A" and "B"

Workout "A"

Deadlifts - 1x5, then 2x3 with 15 lbs. more added to the bar.
Military press - 3x5
Shoulder push ups - 3x5
Bicep curls - 3x5

Workout "B"

Bench press - 1x5, then 2x3 with 15 lbs. more added to the bar.
Squat - 1x5, then 2x3 with 15 lbs. more added to the bar.
Bent-over row - 3x5
Tricep extensions - 3x5

I lift Monday-Wednesday-Friday, alternating those 2 workouts. I run sprints on Sundays, either ten 100-yard sprints or as many hill sprints as I can manage. I walk at least a mile or 2 a day.

I've been having some issues with 2 of my lifts lately. My bench press has been stalling out around 200 lbs./215 lbs. for the last couple weeks. I haven't been able to progress past that level. My deadlift is still increasing, but I've only recently been able to do 1x5, then 1x3 +15 lbs. I just can't get the bar up for the 2nd set of 3. I don't know if it's because the weights are getting decently heavy (currently 365/380), if it's mental or form-related, or what. Still, I'm adding weight to the bar, which is good. All other lifts are progressing nicely.

Food-wise, I've been having roughly a 1/2 lb. of steak and 2 eggs during each meal. I eat once in the morning and once at night. I've been alternating between scrambled, hard-boiled, and fried eggs. So far, I've been hitting the 1g protein/lb. of lean mass mark, +/- a few grams here or there.

My goal is 15% body fat or lower.