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Thread: visit to dcotor- proved a huge unwanted weight gain! Help!!!

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    visit to dcotor- proved a huge unwanted weight gain! Help!!!

    I was at the doc today, not having a physical for a long time. I am compelled to write.
    Has anyone NOT weighed themselves for many months, then at the doc's find out that you GAINED weight, not just a pound or two but close to 20 pounds? When you have to admit that no, your clothes were NOT shrinking, and that you need to get off your primal butt and stop this! This happened today. Now, I must say that I am female, have about 40 pounds to lose, work at a desk job in a home office (curriculum development and graphic design in education) and am 61 years old. ALL other aspects of primal foodways continue to be wonderful for me, and I have around me easy access to ALL the right elements for primal/paleo living. I seemingly have no excuse, do I, for still struggling?

    I know someone will ask me to say what I am eating and how much I move around.

    food- mostly primal -meats (local, organic), vegetables (mostly local organic and organic), water kefir (ginger ale and raspberry mostly, 1 liter per day). Part of primal for me has been dairy. My problem is that I seem to be addicted to it. I have gone through periods where I do not eat cheese or yogurt for several weeks then have a yen for either and it 'calls me' from the fridge.
    I say 'mostly primal' because although not having grains and legumes is easy for me, in my dairy frenzies I have eaten ice cream, sometimes 3-4 days in a row, having about 3/4 cup as a treat in the evening, then not for several weeks. Also, each week, we meet friends for a supper and to reconnect and catch up. For this one meal I have a salad dressing that I don't question its ingredients ( I know cheap oils, etc.), although I try to eat just salad, or meat or seafood and vegetables.
    Most days, other than ice cream and greek yogurt days, my energy intake is around 1200-1600 calories.

    OK, I can move more, I know. I used to hit the gym a few times a week to use the weights, when I worked in the city (now in the country). Today I joined up again because they have a women's gym and I love being strong. Last weekend, I redid our pond, moving a ton of stone twice. I thought I would be sore, and other than a bit of stiffness the next day only, I've been fine.
    I look forward to not working at a computer these days because I love carpentry and have reno projects underway, and will have holiday time this summer to do that. I garden and will get stuff moved from the greenhouse / light room into the garden this weekend. I walk up and down the stairs because my home office and the only working bathroom are on lowest floor with living space and bedrooms on upper two floors. We do not have high hills around us , so my hubby said we 'built a hill'.
    I made a standing desk but need more space for a mouse, so I use it for looking at PDF documents, several times a day for 5-15 minutes.
    On MDA some time ago I read reference to Esther Gokhale and the 'Gokhale Method'. I read her book and watched YouTube videos re her method of recreating ideal posture. I LOVE it, and remind myself regularly and practice. I highly recommend her to everyone, young and old. She knows her stuff, and you'll just feel better with sometimes simple alignments.

    The longest spiel I've ever made!!! What are people's thought? Do others have the similar experiences? or am I just a total weirdo?
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