I am trying to recover from a restrictive eating disorder. I am well aware of the stressors involved with IFing and I am trying to stop. I have got used to missing breakfast even though I am always hungry in the morning and could always eat it.

I have made concerted efforts to eat breakfast, and usually make it big. Maybe a 5 egg cheese omlette with some tomato or vegetables followed by a smoothie made with berries, bananas, Greek yoghurt and A2 milk. Then, a couple of hours later I am ravenous, like starving and overwhelmed ravenous. Then I start eating again and before lunch I have had my daily caloric intake, and my brain tells me I'm binging and then I start to binge and the result is disordered eating chaos. Then I feel like shit, so I vow breakfast is a bad thing.

Has anyone else had this? I am aware of 'extreme hunger' as a direct result of chronic restricting and how it opens up to maddening food cravings. I am not underweight but I don't want to gain either. This doesn't happen if I don't eat till lunchtime, and I don't know why.

I want to try for 3 meals a day, but I can't cope with the hunger. Would meat at breakfast help me? Help me!