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Thread: Trying to eat 3 meals a day, but breakfast sets up a binge

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    Trying to eat 3 meals a day, but breakfast sets up a binge

    I am trying to recover from a restrictive eating disorder. I am well aware of the stressors involved with IFing and I am trying to stop. I have got used to missing breakfast even though I am always hungry in the morning and could always eat it.

    I have made concerted efforts to eat breakfast, and usually make it big. Maybe a 5 egg cheese omlette with some tomato or vegetables followed by a smoothie made with berries, bananas, Greek yoghurt and A2 milk. Then, a couple of hours later I am ravenous, like starving and overwhelmed ravenous. Then I start eating again and before lunch I have had my daily caloric intake, and my brain tells me I'm binging and then I start to binge and the result is disordered eating chaos. Then I feel like shit, so I vow breakfast is a bad thing.

    Has anyone else had this? I am aware of 'extreme hunger' as a direct result of chronic restricting and how it opens up to maddening food cravings. I am not underweight but I don't want to gain either. This doesn't happen if I don't eat till lunchtime, and I don't know why.

    I want to try for 3 meals a day, but I can't cope with the hunger. Would meat at breakfast help me? Help me!

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    No matter what or how much I eat for breakfast it make me hungrier the rest of the day.

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    I am currently participating in the Steak and eggs challenge. This means steak and 5-6 eggs for breakfast, and the same for dinner.

    Despite not eating a lunch, I have found that I really do not get hungry in the same way I used to feel, even as a highish carb primal/paleo. Before I believe my hunger was really just blood sugar, spiking and dipping, sending my energy and alertness on a rollercoaster of binge eating all day.

    I still get hungry around noon and could eat again, but it doesnt feel like it is debilitating me, or putting my in a bad mood ect.

    Have you considered moving your smoothie consumption to later in the day? Maybe that is raising and then lowering your blood sugar enough to trigger hunger sensations.

    Have you tried fueling your body on mostly fats? If I were you, I would have your smoothie as a dessert, and eat meat with eggs in the morning. So maybe your day might look like, bacon/sausage/steak/leftovers and eggs for breakfast.

    At lunch maybe just have enough to tide you over, like an avocado with lime and salt.

    Then for dinner have your usual entree, side(s), and your dessert smoothie.

    My idea is just trying to stay low carb/sugar until in the evening. If you still get these hunger spikes....well then I would eat something, maybe you are increasing your energy expenditure and need more food.

    You mentioned meeting your caloric intake, roughly what are you trying to stick around? Depending on your goals, are you trying to increase, decrease or maintain this number?

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    I am starving in the mornings but find no matter how much or how little I at I am hungry again by lunch. But eating too big at breakfast or lunch makes me binge the entire day. Not sure why(I have a binge eating disorder and feeling too full sets me off)

    I do better with a light breakfast around 9am

    Today I had 3 eggs with a tablespoon butter scrambled and a green shake(banana, 1 cup strawberries and a handful of kale with water and ice) so light and refreshing. Maybe 400 calories. But it held me till 1:30 and I had that at 9;30

    Maybe have a small breakfast and not so big. It can be filling but not heavy

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    Maybe you just need the calories?

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    I have the exact same issue and found IF to be a godsend...Ince I start to eat I get really hungry and need to eat big so I find that if I can fast till about 4, I can have a nice big meal and stay within my daily calories and feel full and satisfied...if I eat earlier than I have a problem and definitely overeat...take first day since starting IFing about 2.5 months ago that I had breakfast and the rest of the day has been a disaster...going to get back on track tomorrow...

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    I'm always hungry again soon after eating eggs for breakfast. If I must eat at 'breakfast time' then I do better with dinner leftovers or meat & salad. Even a coconut milk smoothie fills me up more than eggs.
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    I'm really surprised that the majority of replies here are talking about how to curb hunger instead of this woman trying to recover from an ED.... *withered*

    Vac, I know the extreme hunger is disturbing But if your body is sending you those signals, you do need the nutrition. I really think the binging is a result from holding back from the body's needs. What are you binging on? Are you having cravings?

    If you're trying to recover you're going to have to accept that you will initially gain. It doesn't mean you'll gain much, or stay at the new weight forever, but there will be some gain.

    I'm trying to think back to when I was in active recovery, and I think the extreme hunger got better with eating lots of liver (in the form of pate). Seriously! I would eat it as if it was a slice of cake. Are you still restricting fruit?
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    I eat breakfast but I don't eat it till about lunch time, perhaps just don't stick to the clock. If I eat at the start of the morning I'm usually rushed and don't think my brain catches onto the fact I've already eaten and i seem to stay hungry and then if i eat again its like I need 2 hourly feeding from then on. So I usually drink coffee to wake up, green tea with lemon through the morning ,then just eat an early lunch (I'm not trendy enough for brunch!). I eat my main meal around six then have a snack about 9. I don't always fancy the snack but if I miss it I get woken by a hypo headache around 2am (diabetic)

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    It seems like you are on your way to recovery. I would think that if you are more comfortable If'ing then there is no harm there. Being extremely hungry and stressing over it, will be a lot worse for you than any downside of If'ing. You need to feel comfortable with your eating habits. From what I understand, intermittent fasting like the 16-8 breakdown has more benefits than draw-backs. I have not had to deal with an ED but I understand the hunger issue after eating. It's like there is a eating switch that gets turned on as soon as you break fast. For that reason I have been If'ing for a while now, am finding it easier to maintain my weight and have great energy all day. Good luck to you.
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