I've come across quite a few people here who have eating disorders similar to mine, and so I guess maybe that's why this seems like a good place to post this, even just to post it for the sake of writing about it and getting it off my mind. I've often found myself at a crossroads with food, sometimes to the point of being obsessive compulsive about it. Normally, I'd severely restrict my diet, and that resulted in being malnourished and missing a lot of necessary nutrients. Going primal was one of the most positive choices I've made, and I've been eating adequately for almost two months accordingly to the pb. I think this is the longest time span in over seven years where I've not skipped a day or relapsed into some sort of calorie-conscious mindset. The issue though, is that I've found myself being really careful about keeping my food entirely gluten-free and wheat/soy-free. To the point of washing my utensils before use, and being paranoid about things coming into contact with 'bread crumbs'. It seems silly to even reflect on this, since I'm not celiac or gluten intolerant, but it becomes hard to control sometimes, and even gives me anxiety, >.>
I think that's it for now, maybe it's just a bad day or something. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday.