Hi all!

This is my first time posting so bare with me! I've been suffering from systemic Candida for approximately 2 years now. The first time my Naturopath put me on a cleanse, all my symptoms cleared up. Some of my symptoms included: bloating, gas, acne, eczema, weight gain, dry skin, fatigue... I've been cleansing on and off ever since, however I have still stuck to the diet that was provided to me: no yeast, sugar, vinegar, dairy, etc. Also, might I mention, part of the cleansing phase includes a lot of supplements. I'd like to think I eat pretty well. However, this time around my Candida is being VERY stubborn. I am wondering if maybe I should drop all grains? Currently I eat: oats, rice, quinoa, rye bread (yeast, sugar free). I haven't seen a correlation between eating grains and my bloating/gas. Sometimes I eat veggies and I bloat. I don't know if anyone has experience with Candida or Paleo in general that would help me with this.