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Thread: Candida vs Paleo

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarbDodger View Post
    I had problems with candida when I first became diabetic and my blood sugar was high. Its a yeast and grows in the presence of sugars. If you look at any bread recipe you mix sugar with a liquid and put it somewhere warm and it gives off gas-to candida we are a perfect recipe.
    what works best for me is Fluconazole 2 doses, the 2nd dose 1 week after the 1st. for 14 days after the 1st dose I have natural live yoghurt 3x a day. I mix it with water and drink it. I avoid fruit juice -the sugar spike can be enough to give it a foothold if I'm unwell with anything else. The only time I get a problem with it now is after a course of antibiotics which kill off you natural bacterial flora allowing it to colonise freely.
    by the way, the more sugar you give it the more its going to grow so I'd certainly not go that route, not having lived with the oral,vaginal and anal itch and the bloating and gassy diarrhoea
    The sugar problem you described has been my experience, though oddly, not with starches. I am strongly AGAINST using fluconazole, no matter how many doses. My personal experience was that no matter how strict I was with my diet, I would get flare-ups, and flucanozole really only helped temporarily. That means it's useless, IMO. Everybody's different.
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    How are your bowel movements? Your body temperature? And look at your tongue and check if you can see think white, yellow, or greenish fur coating. If you see the fur, then it is more than likely the excess yeast (candida) is severe and has migrated upward through the the digestion/ingestion tract.

    Have you tried the combination of coconut oil + oregano oil as anti-fungals to treat the candida overgrowth?? Apple cider vinegar is also helpful against excess yeast (candida), but I saw you are not allowed to eat vinegar.

    Also, before your most recent flare up, while your candida was "dormant" did you then proceed to support the gut health with pre/probiotics, fermented foods, bone broth?? Without supporting the gut/intestines/healthy flora, you're going to see some skin issues and bowel troubles (hard kinds or loose kinds)...all of these on top of candida dominance.

    I feel dropping grains is a good strategy, but....I would keep white rice, (or potato, sweet potato, plantains) just to slowly ween your system off excess carbs. But again, if candida is severe, I feel like all the grains and white rice or breads that you have consumed are just feeding the yeast and not your own cells which can lead to (aggravated) fatigue.

    It may be more appropriate to increase fat and or protein intake (your regular cells are going to need calories for energy, let the yeast eat the white rice and your normal cells feed on the other macros). And also, if you are currently in a severe flare up, refrain from fruit just to see how you feel without them. Then, slowly re-introduce low glycemic load fruits (berries) if your body/digestion permits.

    In the meantime, I would consider trying coconut/oregano oil, maybe even ACV if you haven't tried these things yet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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