I was always skinny growing up and never had a weight issue. In my 20ís I was a construction worker, and never had to worry about being in shape. The job was physically demanding, and I was ripped. In my 30ís I left the construction field and dove head first into web design / development field. My environment changed but my diet didnít.

My waistline started getting bigger, and the muscle was disappearing. But hey who cares!! - Iím a part of the internet boom making tons of money, right?! I knew I was getting big; I blew up to a 48 waist, and a 3x shirt. The day came when I needed a new pair of jeans so I went to the big and tall clothing store tried on a pair of 48 waist jeans and they didnít fitÖ. They were too tight. Thatís when reality smacked me right in the face, and knew it was time to make some major changes in my life.

I was dedicated to lose the weight, but I did it all wrong. I went from 400lbs down to 245lbs in a year. My eating habits, and gym habits where horrible. Diet Pepsi and fat free pretzels where my main source of food, along with chronic cardio. I had NO clue about proper nutrition; all I knew is that the weight was coming off. At 245lbs I found myself back in the construction field, working hard and eating anything I could get my hands on. I remember walking in the front door of my house after work one day, looking in the mirror and seeing my belly sticking out. I weighed myself and saw that I was up to 270lbs. I decided to get back on my ďdietĒ plan.

I managed to get myself down to 209lbs. But once again I did it all wrong. I was so hell bent on reaching 200lbs I would go days without eating, consuming ex-lax like it was candy, and popping stacker2ís all day. I eventually gave up trying and started eating and drinking again and ended up shooting back up to 310lbs.

On January 1st of this year I decided once again to lose the weight, and eat healthy. This time I was eating chicken, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. I was already on my way to being primal before finding out about The Primal Blueprint. I found Markís book by accident searching Google for ďHow much fruit can I eat a dayĒ. SO many crazy diet plans, fitness videos, lose weight quick schemes, and gadgets are out there. I figured The Primal Blueprint was another scheme just for some dude to make money, boy was I wrong! I read the book from cover to cover and it JUST MAKES SENSE! Itís a no brainer, easy to follow, and it works. So how much do I weigh now you ask? I started at 310lbs on January 1st and 4 Ĺ months later Iím 225lbs. I have muscles popping through I never knew I had, my 4 pack is starting to show - my skin and, hair look healthy, and I look 10 years younger.

This is not a ďdiet planĒ itís a total life change, and Iím having a good time doing it. I look, and feel like a brand new man. Strong, and fast Ė I sprinted a mile the other day in 7:47 it felt empowering!

Thank you Mark, for showing me the Primal way - My Adventure Continues - PICS COMING SOON!!