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    Any brides to be??

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    I started primal may 1st. And I love it! So far I've lost 6lbs and 8 1/2inches! I'm not craving sugar anymore either (I was a carb/sugar addict!) and my appetite has reduced dramatically. I'm getting married In August and have about 21lbs to lose (hope I can achieve that by then!) Also a question re nuts and cheese, I read the previous post on them, and I do understand but they seem to help prevent me from craving sweet things. I have about 30g cheese most days and about 50g nuts too, is it really that bad? Will I lose more if I cut them out?
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    You might lose more, but it really varies from person to person. Are you eating the cheese & nuts as snacks (in between meals)? You might find that eating more food at meal times makes it easier for you to eliminate cravings altogether.

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