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    BD's Mongolian Grill

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    Anyone been to BD's Mongolian Grill?

    I love it there! The closest one is about an hour away but this weekend my husband and I are doing dinner there saturday and I know I can totally eat PB there! I haven't been there since I took the PB dive so I'm excited. Fill me up with some meat and broccoli!!!
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    Last time I ate there I threw up repeatedly for about 7 hours.
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    lol, i havent eatin there since going primal, i can relate to the vommiting. Not sure if it was the low quality ingredients or the "all you can eat" part, but ive never left that place feeling better then when i walked in.

    Im they us shitty oil in their sauces, most places do.

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    We don't have the BD's down here, but I have been to Genghis Mongolian Grill and I found it to be pretty decent. You don't have to use their oil or sauces if you don't want. I had them grill all my stuff in butter and they seemed fine with that.
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    Are you going to Columbus? I think there's one of those Brazilian meat places somewhere, that may be better than BD's--okay I just found it--Amazon Grill Steak House 245 E Campus View Blvd. Columbus, Ohio 43235
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    I have a BD's practically right up the street from where I live. It's one of my favorite restaurants! Bring on the bowl of steak and veggies. That's a good question about the oil though, I never thought about that. Next time I go I'll have to ask them what kind of oil they use.

    Amazon Grill is gone I am so sad I used to go there alot it's basically an all you can eat meat place where they bring it right to your table and slice it off. A primal's dream come true. My friend and I showed up there one weekend and they were just closed, no explanation just chains on the door. I think the city shut them down for something, but I never did find out why.

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    Just went to a new place here called the Grand China Buffet. The mongolian grill plate I made tasted really good - lots of meat and veggies. The other food I tried from the buffet (mostly seafood) tasted much better than a typical Chinese restaurant, too. However, as soon as I left the restaurant my stomach started gurgling. Don't know if its all the seasoning in the sauces or the low quality oils or just too much food, but I don't think I'll be going back for a little while.

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    I visited one in Milwaukee last year. If you can avoid the rice they provide to put all of your selections on, and also avoid the mystery oils/sauces as others recommend, then its not bad.
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