So I've searched a lot on the Internet about amenorrhea considering I'm going on 3 years now. I know it's happening because I still overtrain (I know I shouldn't but its a tough cycle to break when it's given me results in the past). I'm just wondering how bad it is for overall health. I can say with complete honesty I'm not worried about being infertile, props to moms everywhere but it's just not something I want to do in my life. Anyways, amenorrhea has kind of been nice for me. I used to get such severe cramps I would pass out Sibiu can't say I miss getting my period. I've read that osteoporosis is often a complication but if I eat right and maybe take a calcium/vitamin d supplement maybe I could ward that off. Just wondering if there are any other long term health problems to amenorrhea. I know I know, I should ask my doctor but I hate being scolded by someone who doesn't know what I'm going through. Any help would be really helpful. Thanks!