My previous doc was rigidly cw so I've been looking for a new one. It seems like I have found a good one - Kathleen King, D.O. in Sacramento, California. Before going back to school for D.O., she was a chiropractor. Today was my first appt. She approved of my diet and lifestyle, and said she didn't eat grains.

I was there for diabetes and a lingering cough. Previous doc had pushed me to take insulin, although my glucose is pre-diabetic level. Dr. King wants me to work more on diet and exercise instead of taking meds. She mentioned antibiotics for cough but agreed to hold off.

Previous doc had told me to stop all supplements, including ones she had recommended. Dr. King suggested I take more magnesium and fish oil. She is in favor of vitamin D3 supplements when needed. She ordered a blood test for D.

Everyone on the staff seems friendly and helpful. I'm happy!