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Thread: If I'm using coconut oil, is olive oil really necessary?

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    If I'm using coconut oil, is olive oil really necessary?

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    I've been using liberal amounts of both coconut oil and olive oil in pretty much all of my meals lately. If I were to narrow this down to just one, would coconut oil be the best choice? I love coconut oil raw, and for sauteing/frying. I also love olive oil when in a stir fry, but can't stand it uncooked. I find that it takes less olive oil to keep the food "greasy" and when using coconut oil, my stir frys usually need a second helping in order to smooth things along. So, I'd love to just use coconut oil, but nutritionally speaking, is it better to diversify my cooking oils? I know olive oil has a great monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fat ratio, so if I ditch the olive oil, what other sources should I look for to get good amounts of monounsaturated fat?

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    Macadamia nut oil apparently has a better MUFA:PUFA ratio than olive oil

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    You shouldn't cook with olive oil as it oxidizes it. So yeah CO is a better choice.
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