My job requires me to wear boots which come up to at least cover/protect my ankles. I have a pair of inexpensive hiking boots that are heavy and killing my feet. I have been in barefoot/minimalist shoes for years so this has been a very difficult adjustment for me. Every single day after work, shortly after taking off the miserable boots, my left heel hurts quite a lot. It's painful to step down onto my heel fully and the pain even continues into morning. By Sunday morning or afternoon the pain is gone but Monday comes and the boots go on again. Also, I am on my feet the entire day, pulling plant carts, bending, lifting, squatting, walking, and being outside (BONUS!!) all day. I have almost no time to sit with the exception of my 30 minute break.

Are there any barefoot or minimalist boots that would cover my ankles so I am within policy? I don't know how much longer I can stand regular boots.