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Thread: Grass-fed goat sausage with no fillers...

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    Grass-fed goat sausage with no fillers...

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    I guess I have dinner planned for tonight!

    Can anyone tell me how it compares in fat content to say pork or beef sasauge so that I can make sure I'm cooking it properly?

    Yay for trying new things!

    I just read an article the other day that called goat the "healthiest meat." I am dubious of the claim, but hey, as Mark once said on reference to camel meat, meat is meat, just eat it, it's good.

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    In general, goat is leaner than beef. But it would depend on the cut and the mix of course. I love goat meat. I actually have some camel meat on order. Just wanted to try something different.

    As far as cooking it goes, goat has a strong flavor so have a free hand with the spices. It can handle it. I would slow cooker it with some bell peppers and onions.

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    I have sausage and real, barrel fermented 'kraut coming for my dinner tonight PB. I feel almost German (except for the blasphemy that it's not pork, heh).

    And the fact that my 'kraut is going to be red cabbage with Chinese five-spice seasoning.

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