Lengthy, but a fun and interesting read, Some of My Best Friends Are Germs - NYTimes.com

I haven't read any of his books, but it strikes me as a tad odd that he describes his personal diet as such:

Quote Originally Posted by As it happens, Lozupone and I had something in common, microbially speaking: we share unusually high levels of prevotella for Americans. Our gut communities look more like those of rural Africans or Amerindians than like those of our neighbors. Lozupone suspects that the reasons for this might have to do with a plant-based diet; [B
we each eat lots of whole grains and vegetables and relatively little meat[/B]. (Though neither of us is a vegetarian.)
But he talks about the gut lining, never mentioning how whole grains can negatively impact it. I wonder what type of whole grains he's eating? could be gluten-free at the very least. I would imagine he's "on the up and up" about paleo and it's arguments against grains.

Anyway, thoughts?

Kimchi and raw dairy FTW.