I've known the squat technique as it was described in Mark Rippetoe's book.
Point is, it sort of contradicts the instructions in the following post:
The Missing Link: Movement as a Skill | Mark's Daily Apple

Especially the parts about the knees' movement, and the position of the feet.

In Mark's book, as far as I can recall, they point out that the knees could move past your toes in the end of the movement. Whereas in the aforementioned post, it is forbidden.

Furthermore, the feet's stance. If I try to squat with my feet in a 5-12 degree angle (pretty much straight), it feels really odd. Probably because my knees are sort of weird (a little to the side). Whereas the bigger angle (almost 45 degrees, as depicted in Mark's book, If I'm not mistaken of course), feels much more comfortable.

What's the right way?