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K-Star says 5-12 degrees, Rippetoe says ~30. To me, it's a question of whether it's a good idea to create elastic energy in the knee ligaments to help rebound out of the bottom of the squat. Rippetoe has addressed this directly, and (I'll admit, despite my fear of being called a Rippetoe nutswinger) to me, convincingly. K-Star hasn't, but I'm not sure anybody's actually asked him to.
It wasn't until I started squatting as Rippetoe described in starting strength that I was able to squat more than 400lbs. I *used* to squat in powerlifting with an extremely wide stance and it was easy'ish to lift heavy weights. However, for whatever reason, I couldn't activate my glutes enough to come up out of the hole when I went above about 380. I then moved my stance closer and tried the feet forward thing, and that didn't work for shit but I could tell that I was using more of my posterior chain (namely my ass) when I stopped briefly at the bottom and forced back up. Finally I tried Rip's suggestion of narrow stance, 30 deg foot placement AND looking down and it all clicked. I felt it in my hip flexors the most but it got me off the plateau I was at and it worked for me.
I don't lift that heavy anymore just because I don't feel the need, but I still use the technique with a 2-3 second rest pause at the bottom with an explosive lift for high reps (20) and it has helped my sprinting endurance a whole helluva lot.