I have really enjoyed PaleoBird's thread on carnivorousness. What was interesting to me is her eating pattern. I eat three meals/day, as habit only. Large meat and eggs at about 9:00 am, then usually some chicken or pork thingy with a few carbs at noon, then a light supper small portion meat AND sometimes/not a veggie for supper at 6: then nothing after. I have no idea why I do this. I am never hungry in between meals, and don't snack.

My wife eats CRON, and has for years, and she is truly a BIRD sized woman. In fact I call her "mon petit oiseau". ANYWAY: she says I eat too much. I am wondering, are my lifetime habits causing me to eat too much? What would my my life be like on say, a grazing all day diet? would I over eat? What if I ate only once a day? Would I overeat? Obviously I am over thinking. NOT WHAT TO EAT BUT HOW TO EAT