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Thread: Not what to eat but how to eat

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    Frankly I cant do one meal. never could if i want to keep going at work. i eat a big ass breakfast, on the order of 10 oz steak 4 eggs fried in butter and a handful of leafy greens I eat this at 6 30 am before my trip to work. i can skip lunch if I want to but by 2 pm I am fried. no go juice left. sometimes hungry sometimes not but well cooked. Then I eat a small supper round 7 30 pm and go to bed by 10 pm.

    When I get hungry I get a sharp unpleasant pain in my belly. it hurts and I get a drained feeling like my arms are too heavy this happens around 2 30 pm if I skip lunch. How do you eat 1 big meal a day if you work on your feet lifting and moving like I do all day?

    Skip breakfast and I am useless by noon.

    Do you one meal a day types sit at a desk all day?
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    WELL... more great stuff for me to think about. I have tried "listening to my stomach", but when it gets hungry I might be with a patient or in the middle of a long walk. I am trying to listen to my body's signals, but there has been so many years of habit that the "noise" is muted.

    Small example. at 4:00 yesterday I was at a party. Ate some pulled pork and some chicken. Got home watched some late news, went to bed. Got up at my usual time and did a few kettle bells. not much just some core lifts in the garage. I am now drinking coffee. STILL FULL.

    By the time I get out of early church my stomach will be gurgling and what WB was talking about. Then I will get some "lunch" and the overwhelming feeling to eat a ton of food is firmly printed in my brain. I now feel like the lion. But if I want to be productive this afternoon and not sleep or watch golf, I have to fight that urge, as cruel as it might be, to fully satiate myself. If I don't overeat, as I call it, then before 5:00 I'll need to eat again. So, so far I am able to listen to my body's music, but the answer still eludes me. I do see this as years of pattern eating.

    Additionally, I do sit in a dental chair all day in an office, and I could, if I didn't have exercise/weights in the late afternoon, eat an avocado and a some nuts and feel fine. A lot of the time this is what I do. WHen others are leaving for lunch, I am taking a 40 minute nap, waking and having a cup of tea, and then continuing to work.

    Educated as a problem solver, I am feeling very frustrated with this problem. It does not fit in a neat little box. I am glad to see the wide range of comments, as I feel others are searching for "HOW TO EAT" patterns that suit them.

    Thanks for all the posts

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    How have you been faring?

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    Interesting thread.

    I work the night shift. I eat breakfast anytime between 9AM and noon. It's relatively light, usually some eggs and 2-3 strips of bacon. I'm going to see about changing it to steak and eggs occasionaly.
    At work, our dinner is at 8PM (although I could do it anytime if I wanted).
    just a few weeks ago, it wasn't uncommon for me to stop for fast food on my way to work, about 3PM.

    Now, sometimes I get hungry between BF and dinner. That's when I snack. Jerky, apple/banana, walnuts, perhaps a strawberry. If I feel any hunger after dinner, I snack on the same things, or have a salad if I didn't already eat it for dinner.

    Sometimes I feel want MORE, though.

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