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    Exclamation One tablespoon of olive oil per day - a good idea?

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    Hi there!

    I just started the primal blueprint diet 4 days ago.

    Now i have every plate full of
    - raw vegetables (radish, brokkoli, carrots, mushrooms (champions), paprika)
    - fruits (blueberries, apples, bananas, mango, strawberries)
    - nuts mix
    - cooked: eggs or minced meat + carrots or fish
    - cooked potatoes (cooked in water with skin)

    I will reduce the fruits and also eliminate the potatoes (i will not buy anymore, but i had some left).

    But now i am wondering a bit.
    If i am correct the diet shall be a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. But i am wondering - where is my fat?
    It's not in the veggies, about only 20% of the meat, in eggs, and just the tiny bits of nuts?
    Does it rely on avocados?

    I got the idea of having few fat when i got hungry pretty quickly again after a meal, like about 2hours later.

    These are all side-questions, leading to the main question:
    Is drinking one tablespoon of olive oil per day a good idea?
    Or more, or less? Directly in front of the meals or after?

    thanks, greets!

    ps another additional question would be:
    I have not seen nuts sold in the supermarket - just this 'nuts mix' of 250gramm - where do you get your nuts?

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    Back when I was bulking I would drink 10 tbs a day so you can certainly have more. I would avoid getting most of my fats from plants though. Animal fats are far superior.
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    Check the bakng section of your super market. There should be a variety of nuts there. If not, you can get them online.

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    Use olive oil, coconut oil, or good and REAL butter (from grass-fed cows) liberally. Start enjoying the non-lean cuts of meat, and definitely don't stick to (for example) just eating chicken breasts. Eat animal fat.

    Avocados are also good

    Cut down the fruit a bit, you really should only have a few (1-3) servings a day.

    Raw veggies are fine, veggies cooked in a lake of butter or bacon grease are better

    On nuts - try a more 'whole foods' store or farmer's market.

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    Coconut in every way shape and form. So many recipes. So good for you. Loads of fat!

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