Sleeping has become a real issue for me recently. I've two issues going on.

1. waking up during sleep. I'm sometimes choking or unable to breathe.

2. waking up in the morning with my left leg bent at an angle away from my body (lying on my back, other leg straight) with excruciating pain in my knee.

I don't seem to be able to get my leg out of this position without slowly easing it, and masses of pain. I don't know HOW I get my leg into this position during sleep as it's not a way I sit or lie down, generally, and I don't fall asleep like that!

Does anyone have any advice?

I realize that for for my first problem, I probably have sleep apnea.

I've been googleing around for a cure - C-Pap machine seems the obvious answer, but I also found this video on the relationship between Vit D (sunlight) and sleep. (She talks really fast, difficult to keep up, but presents a very convincing argument!)

has anyone had benefits to sleep apnea from vit D ?

For my second problem - well, what should I do? Tie my legs together with a belt?

My inside knee is in agony today, and I'm really afraid that some lasting damage might be done to the joint, if I don't find a way of stopping this night time sleeping position.