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Thread: type 2 diabetic on insulin

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    type 2 diabetic on insulin

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    Hi new to this forum been low carbing for a few years diabetic or 12yrs 6 on insulin bolus regime I have put on so much weight lost 6lbs this week on paloe 16st7lbs now 65yrs old I want to die with my feet and keep my eyesight.I dont think I will have to much trouble with the food the dreaded vino has been my problemI am very carb sensitive cant eat bread pots pasta even fruit affects my numbers,so i always had wine as a treat but it became a regular habit at last i have seen the light my poor pancreas just can't cope with anymore stress.I really want to loose this weight as the more i loose the less insulin i need.Anyone got any tips where to start with ood and excersize, any help would be most welcome i live in north derbyshire UK

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    It looks like the wine is a good place for you to start. Eat more meat and vegetables. Have you read the book?

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