This is my first post and I have been researching the primal way, read all the books been shopping and am about ready to go. Until about 2 months ago I attended a gym daily doing various strength and Cardio training but illness stopped me going, I have ballooned in weight back to what I was before which took me a year or more to get off. I have gained 12kg in 2 months and am now 120kg. I have to shift the weight and find a long term solution a life change I cannot continue this yo yo life.

I think I am ok with the food things ( although any suggestions are welcome) it is the exercise that is confusing me, I think because of what I have done previously could you please give me some help with this.

I have a lot of weight to shift and have seen the amazing results of others and want to make sure I give myself the best possible start.

Thanks in advance