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Thread: Ex-vegan going Primal in the UK

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    Ex-vegan going Primal in the UK

    Just to cover what I have done in other threads - I was veggie from age 11. I had been toying with it for a long while before that, but was inevitably defeated by ham sandwiches in my lunch. When I was 11, my mum became Buddhist, and the whole family turned veggie. I continued as veggie (with occasional pescetarian lapses) until age 20.

    At 20, I had a crisis of conscience, which I think I can now recognise as the beginnings of an existential crisis (Catholic school will do that for you). So I turned vegan. At first I lost two dress sizes, given I was living on bananas, salsa, crudites, red wine, coffee and cigarettes at the time.

    Then at 21 I met my now fiancee, and ate more. On the face of it, it was a healthy diet, (CW vegan wise), and I gradually crept back up two dress sizes. Uncomfortable, at 22/23 I went raw vegan for a few months. I lost a dress size, but felt sore, wired, and weird. So I lapsed even more, and gained back all the weight.

    In an attempt to lose the weight, I went back to being plain old vegetarian, and joined Slimming World. Mistake. I gained another five pounds, and felt awful.

    So now here I am. I've been intermittent fasting a few weeks, and primal a couple of weeks. I'd read up a lot before starting. I now am comfortable with eating meat from a conscience point of view, and ate my first piece of meat in 13 years a couple of days ago - lamb. It was my first ever piece of lamb. I'd been back on the fish a while before as part of the awful Slimming World.

    I weighed 149lbs when I started, I'm now 145, and I'm aiming for 126 (wrote the wrong number before!). It feels like an enormous amount to lose, though I have done it before, it ain't been the healthy way.

    Here we go!
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