So when I started primal eating I backed off the weight a bit to ease into this. I didn't want to go hog wild and get frustrated and quit. Well, things are moving along ok diet wise, I'm making progress and phasing out bad habits. However, I've noticed my workouts are suffering. 15 minutes in I'm out of steam. I've tried to adjust my breakfast and lunch to not be too heavy but provide enough food, I'm usually very well hydrated, even coffee an hour or so before doesn't help. I tried adding some fruit an hour or two before, its not helping. I expected some adjustment period but I feel its getting worse and I'm pretty confused as to how to fix the problem.

For info purposes, I'm 38 male, doing athlean x training program, and my goal is to lose 20 lbs. I've lost about 7-8 lbs so far with just the diet change but that was mostly water I suspect.

Tank you in advance for any assistance.