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Thread: I'm running out of gas on my workouts.

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    Try a cold baked potato or a bananana half an hour before training...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tlhfirelion View Post
    Does anyone else have any feedback related to my initial question? I'm having issues with energy during my workouts. This wasn't the case before primal (2 months back when carbs were obviously part of my diet), and now it is. Thank you for the feedback.
    Read the book. And eat some carbs. This isn't a low carb way of eating

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    Seems like a lot of working out. You might try cutting one or two of those workouts per week for a period of time and see how that improves the workouts that you are still doing. If you absolutely have to work out try walking or something of shorter duration (like a sprint wo). In time perhaps you get your diet dialed in and meshed with you wo routine.

    Seems from your description that the fat burning adaptation is not quite there yet, so cut back a bit on the wos for a little while and see if that works.

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    Could be a bunch of stuff. Under-recovery, poor sleep, poor stress management, poor diet. If you are doing intense effort activity carbs are absolutely necessary. In fact, carbs are used primarily just for that, they make less ATP faster while fat makes a ton more ATP slower. For the most part I think people overdo the exercise part, wrt fat loss exercise is about the 5th thing you need to worry about. FYI, I'm a strength coach as my primary job and most of the time I have to tell people they don't need to see me 4 days a week unless they are an athlete.
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