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Thread: How do you supplement with Fish Oil for an optimal O6:O3 Ratio?

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    How do you supplement with Fish Oil for an optimal O6:O3 Ratio?

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    I'm aware of the importance of the Omega 6 and Omega 3 Ratios, but here comes my problem...

    How do I know how much I eat and how much should I supplement?
    The Nutrition data gives very low indication about the Fat, something like, Total and Sat and Nonsat and Transfat (which is 0 all the time). How do I know which is which and how much I should get more and from where?

    Is there any rules of thumb I should think of?

    How you do?

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    cron-o-meter is really good for tracking omega 3 and omega 6 in foods.

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    Shop Now is good for that. Sometimes with stuff like chicken I have to guess but I don't really think it has to be obsessively accurate. Try to limit high omega 6 foods and try to get at least 3g combined EPA and DHA per day from food and fish oil and you'll be good.
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