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Thread: Testing for hypothyroid

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    Question Testing for hypothyroid

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    Hi folks, I am experiencing symptoms of hypothyroid and going to see my GP on Friday. I understand that the TSH test alone isn't much use and there are other components needed that they won't normally test for. So I want to go in knowing what to ask for. I've been searching the web for information but haven't found a definitive "you should ask for the following tests when you talk to your doctor." I need help. From what I have gleaned I should ask for: TSH, free T3, thyroid antibodies, thyroxine?

    I know it might not be thyroid, maybe something else - adrenal fatigue? Vitamin deficient? Hormone imbalance?
    Any advice on what tests I should ask for would be appreciated.

    My symptoms:

    Low body temp (usually in the low 97s)
    Can't lose weight even with exercise, controlling calories, low carb, very low carb
    No sex drive
    Fatigue - feeling incredibly sleepy even after full nights sleep
    Foggy thinking
    Poor memory/forgetfulness
    Low motivation
    Late afternoon/Evening cravings
    Burning soles of my feet occasionally - usually after being on my feet for the day, my soles will feel like they are on fire
    Sore joints
    Very tight neck, shoulder, back and buttock muscles
    Infertility - they diagnosed 'scared fallopian tubes' but did not determine why.
    Low stamina - can't maintain moderate intensity for very long

    Thank you!

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    You should probably get free T4 as well. T4 is thyroxine, but make sure you get free T4. Total T4 is pretty useless. Also, check your vitamin D and ferritin levels.

    Also probably get T3 uptake (this is pretty standard). It may tell you whether your thyroid-binding hormone levels are too high or too low. Chris Kresser's thyroid series is helpful. See, for example, 5 thyroid patterns that won’t show up on standard lab tests
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