A study by the Medical Research Center in Cambridge found that reducing one's breakfast could help in losing weight, as test subjects did not eat more at lunchtime to compensate.

Those who eat primal will have less use of this I think, since our food intake is healthy, but it is good to know for family members who eat sandwiches for breakfast.

Academics served cereal, milk, scrambled egg, ham, brown toast with butter and orange juice to 33 overweight people in the study.

However, they covertly reduced the portion sizes for some of the participants, and then counted their calories over the rest of the day to see if it had any impact on their eating habits.

They found that the difference in size did not affect the amount of food the participants ate over the rest of the day.

Breakfast portion size was reduced by up to 40% in the study by the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit, resulting in up to 269 fewer calories consumed over the course of the day.