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Thread: Going Blind if not Wearing Sunglasses?

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    Going Blind if not Wearing Sunglasses?

    I went to my optical, and got this interesting piece that I have never heard before. The optometrist said because I am light colored (skin, eyes), I am high risk for blindness after 50, so I should wear sunglasses all the time, even if it is cloudy outside. Is it a real thing, does anyone know? I am not a big sunglasses user normally.
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    My mother, who is very pale and has light eyes, had cataract surgery and complications. Maybe I should get some sunglasses. I want to avoid that at all costs, even though I don't have light eyes like her.

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    My grandmother and grandfather were from Slavic countries in Europe, light-skinned and pale eyes. Both had cataract surgery, but it's not until now, at the age of 87, that my grandmother appears to be significantly losing her sight. I am taking reasonable precautions, but not stressing about it. Their kids (my father & aunt) wear glasses, are over 50, but so far no other issues.
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    I have dark eyes and I find being outside without sunglasses during the day to be uncomfortable even when it's overcast. I prefer good quality polarized lenses and I always have them with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemonized View Post
    I have dark eyes and I find being outside without sunglasses during the day to be uncomfortable even when it's overcast. I prefer good quality polarized lenses and I always have them with me.
    I have light eyes and feel the same. Always have needed sun glasses in the sun and my son ( whose eyes are even a lighter blue) is he same if not worse.

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    I have terrible light sensitivity and I talked to my optician about it and she said it was because I had blue eyes. But blue eyes are a lot more common than my vamipirsh tendencies so I wasn't convinced it was the full story! I have since discovered that it is most likely caused by EDS in me, and that gluten is a big trigger. I was glutened at the weekend and I have been wearing shades all day (including in the house) since.

    I have no idea if it means I am at risk for blindness but I do know that I have to be very careful with my eyes.

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    Blond, blue-eyed Swedish-Finn here and I wear sunglasses only in Spring/Summer because the glare is rather uncomfortable for me. I live in Southern California. If I need cataract surgery when I'm old, oh well.
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    I have hazel eyes, olive skin. I had cataract surgery when I was 50. I always had sensitivity to bright light and also never wore sunglasses, because I was extremely nearsighted and work extremely thick glasses, never bothered to get sunglasses. I also believe that years of using inhaled corticosteroids for chronic asthma contributed to my cataracts. The first year was great and then I started getting terrible floaters. I feel like I'm looking though a dirty fish tank and there's nothing they can do about floaters. Of course, it's great not to have to wear glasses all the time. I do wear sunglasses now.

    My son was told at the age of 35 he needed cataract surgery (he goes to a different doctor than I). He ended up with really high eye pressure and a detached retina, which took surgery and 8 weeks of having to lie on his face. Try to not get cataracts until you're old a feeble.

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    I have light blue eyes and just had an eye exam a couple of weeks ago. She read me the riot act for not wearing sunglasses and said I was starting cataracts
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    My eyes are extremely light sensitive and I wear sunglasses almost all the time during the day outdoors, sunny or cloudy. Actually cloudy days can sometimes hurt my eyes even more, as "white" light hurts the most. Sun bouncing off snow is excruciating. My eyes are hazel, I have no idea if eye color matters or if I'm just sensitive.
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