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Thread: Going Blind if not Wearing Sunglasses?

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    Here's my secret for sunglasses (and cheaters): The 99c only store. I buy a bunch of them so I have glasses everywhere. I do not need to worry about finding my glasses, misplacing them, breaking them etc because I have multiple pairs everywhere and they are so cheap (99c) that who cares if I break them. They're all pretty good glasses, too. Polarized and every bit as good as anything at the drugstore.
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    Blue eyes here (light-skinned blonde - German and Irish descent), and I work outdoors in the sun all day. I'm pretty far south and we have an average of 292 sunny or partly sunny days. I wear sunglasses all day long because otherwise I squint.

    I have heard the whole thing about sun exposure causing cataracts, but I also understand that it can be a blood sugar problem.

    NY Times - Cataract Risk Factors - 9/10/2012

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    I very very rarely wear sunglasses...I few years ago I stopped and now only wear them when there is no other way to block the direct rays. I wear a hat out when its sunny often... I do keep a pair in the car that get used 2 or 3 times a year only in heavy traffic and glaring sun...its a safety issue from the glare. I consider sun glasses mostly a useless gadget except at rare times and even suspect there may be negative health implications from wearing them constantly.

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    Thanks, folks. I faithfully tried to wear sunglasses all day yesterday and got them so dirty with yard work, I could barely see through. Ordered transition lenses as my new prescription glasses...

    Argh, I guess, no dairy for me except maybe in a recipe sometimes.
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